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" An Evening With Utopia " Dvd was replicated from the original VHS that was released in 1983 . Disclaimer : due to circumstances beyond our control the masters for the original broadcast of this show were destroyed . We have done our best to bring you a quality DVD but PLEASE keep in mind, it is from the VHS ..so not HD ..or 3D ..or any other D

.. It's simple..it's Utopia ..and we are happy to finally offer this on DVD authorized by the band and with the profits going to them ! Buy one for yourself..one for a friend.. Each DVD purchase also comes with a limited edition postcard !

Songs include : Infrared , Ultraviolet , Libertine , Couldn't I Just Tell ,You Set Me Free , I 'm Looking At You But I'm Talking To Myself , Princess Of The Universe , Hammer In My Heart , Call It What You Will , You Make Me Crazy, Rock Love, Love Alone , Feet Don't Fail Me Now , Say Yeah , Only Human , The Very Last Time ,The Road To Utopia , Caravan , Love In Action , One World , Love Is The Answer , Just One Victory

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